Industrial design and fine art

Nicolò Taliani is a collection of home designs that blurs industrial design and fine art. Discarding disciplinary bounds, it applies a process-driven approach to a subtly subversive range of informal yet elegant, simple yet culturally nuanced objects that transmit a palpable zeitgeist.

Milan-based Nicolo Taliani: Synthesizing European heritage, sculpture, and fine art influences into declarative design. Abstract metal table: Circular cuts, lights on top – Nicolo Taliani's artful blend of form and illumination.

Based in Milan, Italy, Nita was founded by Nicolo Taliani, who unites his European heritage with an ongoing exploration of sculpture and fine art, establishing a unique design language that synthesizes myriad inspirations. From architects Renzo Piano and Le Corbusier to artists Constantin Brancusi, Lucio Fontana and Isamu Noguchi to post-modernism and futurism movements, and beyond, this wellspring combines to inform declarative objects, including jewelry, lighting, furniture and sculpture.

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