World Piece Alcova

World Piece — an installation featuring Nita’s lighting designs — is a simultaneous macro and meta meditation on the human experience.

The Milan-based design studio evolves its previous explorations of Unity as the ‘state of being united or joined as a whole; a condition of harmony; or vibrant representations of the human race that subvert classifications and celebrate rather than expunge our differences’ through an experiential video exploring the travels of the Unity avatar. This journey illuminates the inexorable links between the Earth’s resources: its raw materials and the everyday relics that characterize our modern lives, as represented by the designs on display.

Ranging from Nita’s Tube, Circular, Ceramic, and Spot Element lights to its Tubular, Cast, and One tables to its debut glassware collection, these distinct expressions both represent the studio’s interdisciplinary, process-driven philosophy and tangibly reconcile artificial divisions, opening a doorway between universal consciousness and creation, individuality and entirety.

June 5-12, 2022
Tube, Circular, Ceramic, and Spot Element

Video Credits

Creative Direction: Natalie Marie Gehrels
Director: Paula Lingyi Sun
Art Direction: Fabian Gibertoni
3D artist: Lorenzo Abbadessa
Sound design: John Paul Labno
Producer: Paula Lingyi Sun